Meet Ceylan.

She is one of our unique chefs who loves preparing specialities from her home country. She lives in Maastricht and likes to share the flavours of Turkish cuisine with local community.

Ceylan discovered HomeHandi platform and now she is offering her menu every time she is up for cooking a bit more.

Ceylan’s food is also served during private parties and events where HomeHandi caters to up to 100 people.

Do you want to be like Ceylan?

Check the easy guide of how to become our HomeChef.

Requirement & Start

We welcome professional chefs, home chefs and kitchen experimentalists who want to share their cuisine with others. We do not require prior experience as a chef because we know that there are many hidden culinary talents who on a daily basis work in different professions. So if you love cooking and want to sell your food through HomeHandi website drop us a message at
The one important requirements is that you live at the space where you have private kitchen (can be shared with your family members) and you regularly maintain high hygienic standard

Flavour Tasting

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Final Setup

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