• What is HomeHandi?


HomeHandi is an online platform where passionate cooks sell their food and food-lovers can order from them. Once the order is placed by the customers online, Team HomeHandi ensures that the food is delivered at the customer’s preferred location, in the designated time.


  • How do I see the menu?


If you visit our website, www.homehandi.com click on the “Menu” link. You would be able to view both the lunch and dinner menu for a particular day.


  • What is the ordering and delivery time slots?


For lunch we accept same day orders till 11:00. The orders will be delivered between 12:30-13:30.

For Dinner we accept same day orders till 18:00. The orders will be delivered between 18:30 – 19:30.


  • Why is there a gap between the ordering and delivery time slots?


This difference in the ordering and receiving time slots is due to the fact that none of the food is pre-cooked. The cooks need time to cook the dishes being ordered and hence the difference in ordering and delivery time.


  • There are different cooks with different menus?


HomeHandi is a platform for passionate cooks in Maastricht to put forth their passion infront of everyone. The cooks are all residents of Maastricht and essentially cook the meal at their homes. They are either expats, locals or students  all having one thing in common – their love for food. The food which they cook is essentially how the dish is cooked in their hometowns/countries. Thus HomeHandi also brings in the authentic flavours. The menu is diverse as the cooks are from various parts of the world. Hence the food offered is an authentic International cuisine.


  • What is the normal pricing range?


In HomeHandi menu you can find lunch and dinner menus ranging from starters, main course and desserts. The pricing is always in the range of EUR 5,50 to EUR 7,50 depending on the ingredients and effort required to prepare the food. We have kept the price low/reasonable as we would like to promote the benefits of eating homemade, healthy food. It is very important that we get ourselves accustomed to eating healthy, home cooked food and HomeHandi is a big promoter of that.


  • Where are the raw materials bought from?


The raw materials are bought by the cooks from the trusted vendors like Sligro, Horeca Plus or even from supermarkets like Albert Heijn, Lidl. We are very conscious about the source of the raw materials and hence only buy from trusted vendors. Chefs are themselves very careful of what they use as most of them are homemakers and mothers themselves. Hence the health of the family is very important to them and thus use only trusted partners.


  • How does HomeHandi and Chef ensure the health, hygiene and food safety aspect?


Before onboarding a chef, Team HomeHandi does a detailed intake and background check of the chef. The team also visits and inspects the kitchen as per the guidelines of NVWA (Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Authoriteit). When we on-board the chef, we explain and give them the Hygiene code as documented by us. They are ensured to abide by it. We also do surprise visits to the chef’s kitchen to check whether the chef is following all the rules in the guidelines. The chefs are themselves conscious as most of them are homemakers with children and family. They are extremely concerned about the food which they offer. We really appreciate this aspect of theirs.


  • Who are the chefs of HomeHandi and what are their backgrounds?


The HomeHandi chefs are mainly homemakers who are mothers or students. Majority of them are settled in Maastricht or Netherlands with their families. The students who are chefs are actually extremely passionate about cooking. They find it their gateway to express their creativity and love for food. All our chefs find this way to offer a bit of their culture to their customers.


  • How can I pay for my order?


You can pay via cash to the Team HomeHandi delivery person who comes to deliver the order. Otherwise if you mention while placing the order that you would like to pay online, then Team HomeHandi member would get in touch with you and share with you the bank details through which you can pay.


  • Will I get an invoice from my order?


Once you place your order, an automated email is sent as confirmation. That email will have details of your order i.e. order number, date , dishes which have been ordered, price etc. That is infact your invoice which you can use.


  • Can I place a party or event order?


Yes, definitely you can! You can email us at reach@homehandi.com and our team will respond to you as soon as possible. 🙂


  • If I want to cancel my order what do I have to do?


In case 3 hours before delivery, you can send us an email to reach@homehandi.com mentioning that you would like to cancel the order. Please refer to your order number. If you have paid online, we would then refund your money.

However if you think about cancelling the order within 3 hours from the time of delivery, then unfortunately that is not possible. We are a no food wastage company and hence last moment cancellations would not be preferred.


  • Where can I address my general feedback/concerns/comments/suggestions?

You are most welcome to give us all your feedback/concerns/comments/suggestions. You can email to reach@homehandi.com or SMS/Whatsapp/Call us at +31(0)615609653.